Frequently asked questions

Here you can check the frequently questions in the anonymous reporting channel of Frener & Reifer S.R.L.

Can I track the progress of my report?

Yes.You can track the process by clicking on 'Follow up' The link will direct you to the inbox login page where you'll need to enter the username and password provided to you after submitting the report.The inbox allows you to monitor the processing of your report, communicate securely with the organization, and receive their feedback on your report.

Can I use the "follow up" while remaining anonymous?

Yes.After submitting your report, you'll be assigned a username and password to access the follow ups, regardless of whether you disclose your identity or not

Can you trace me through the IP address?

In order to ensure confidentiality and anonymity, we do not store IP addresses and timestamps.

How am I protected from retaliation?

Whistleblowers who report in good faith are provided protection against retaliation. Please refer to the organization's policies and respective national laws for details.

I have been warned about retaliation. What does it mean?

Retaliation refers to any direct or indirect act or omission that occurs within a work-related context as a result of the report, causing or potentially causing unjustified harm to you.

What is the expected timeframe for receiving feedback from the organization?

According to the EU Whistleblowing Directive, you should receive feedback on your report within a maximum of 3 months. Please consider the organization's guidelines and national laws for any specific details.The feedback should inform you about the planned or taken follow-up actions and the reasons behind these actions. However, the EU Whistleblowing Directive does not specify a deadline within which the follow-up actions must be completed by the organization.

Who has access to my identity if I disclose it?

Access to your identity within the application is limited to authorized personnel of the organization. The organization is obligated to ensure that your identity is not disclosed to anyone outside of the authorized personnel responsible for receiving or following up on reports without your explicit consent. This also applies to any other information from which your identity can be directly or indirectly derived. Your identity and any other information mentioned above may only be disclosed if required and proportionate under EU law or national law for the purpose of investigations by national authorities or legal proceedings, also to safeguard the defense rights of the individual concerned.

Who will handle my report?

Your report will be handled by authorized personnel of the organization, in accordance with the organization's internal reporting and follow-up procedures. Ithinkos will not handle your report and does not have access to its content.